About Angela Ardolino

Angela grew up in Miami, Florida and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is the founder of Miami Children’s Theater, a theater and camp which helped some of Broadway’s current stars find their passion, and Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, which quickly became a go-to resource for families in Florida. She is a go-to resource for media outlets across the country for all things parenting, animals, and medical cannabis. 

To see Angela on her rescue farm, Fire Flake Farm, surrounded by dogs, chickens, geese, and her pet pig, is to see her in her element. Looking at this furry, joyful family, you would never suspect that Angela and her pets were once full of aches, pains, and anxiety.

In 2013, Angela worked as a parenting expert, cared for animals, and participated in community events, but every morning when she woke up, she was in pain. After several doctor’s appointments, Angela was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and knew that she needed to find alternatives to the toxic medications being offered to her. She had heard of the benefits of CBD oil and it changed her life. The stigma surrounding medical cannabis and CBD oil was still strong at that time, so Angela decided to change that.

In 2016, after Floridians voted yes on amendment two, which legalized medical cannabis, Angela sold Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine and hosted Canna Conference, an educational event to bring together doctors, veterinarians, and patients to learn about the positive effects of medical cannabis and how cannabis reacts in the endocannabinoid system. During that time, Angela also earned a degree in the therapeutic uses of medical cannabis from the University of Vermont. Angela became an advocate for safe, natural, ethically grown hemp and medical cannabis in the U.S. for people and animals to use.


While the government battled about growing hemp, Angela spent two years searching for ethical, safe hemp farmers in Colorado, where growing hemp was legal. She also spent that time finding trusted partners and building her team. 

In June 2018, with the passage of the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp farming in all 50 states, Angela was finally able to obtain safe, non-GMO hemp grown in the U.S. in Colorado and released CBD Dog Health products.

Angela’s philosophy is “Do what you love,” and she has used this philosophy to launch several successful projects from scratch. Her passion for animals, families, and healing naturally is the fuel for everything she does.

Angela is also a co-owner of Beautify the Beast, a grooming and pet-boarding shop, with David Estevez. Angela is also the CEO of House of Alchemy, LLC, a U.S. company dedicated to cultivating and processing the purest medical cannabis products with the lowest environmental impact.